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About ISIC

The ISIC card, created by students in 1953 is the only internationally accepted proof of student status, endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and over 150 governmental institutions around the world.

The ISIC card plays a key supporting role in improving intercultural understanding, increasing educational opportunities and facilitating student life through international status recognition and the provision of exclusive opportunities and benefits to students globally.

The ISIC card is valid in over 120 countries and provides access to over 150,000 benefits, services and exclusive discounts.

Cooperating with over 1,500 academic institutions and local governments, the ISIC provides an internationally proven mechanism of facilitating both social and economic contributions to education and social welfare.

The internationally proven concepts and unified standards of the ISIC help to form a foundation for partnership between governmental, educational and private sectors.


Created by students for students


Governmental endorsements across the globe


Academic Partnerships globally


Issuing Countries of the ISIC, IYTC & ITIC

Making Student Life Better

Our goal is to improve the student experience through access to discounts with the ISIC cards. Support travel and encourage cultural exchange and experience amongst students and youth.

Functional & Beneficial

The ISIC is used by many organisations as a functional ID, which has proved a successful replacement for standard student ID’s. 

Whilst functional for the organisation, the ISIC is of value and is beneficial to the cardholders outside of the organisation, in their daily student life.

ISIC New Zealand is operated by SAVVY Youth & Student Pty Ltd. SAVVY Youth & Student is the exclusive representative of the ISIC Association in Australia and New Zealand. SAVVY Youth & Student is a proud member of the GTS Alive Group.

The GTS Alive Group holds the exclusive distribution and marketing rights to the ISIC (International Student Identity Card, and the related Teacher “ITIC”, and Youth “IYTC”, variants) and is the leading ISIC card issuer across multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Oceania.