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Key Facts for partners
Overview of how ISIC works with Academic Institutions

Enhance your students academic experience

Why work with ISIC

Provide your students, teachers & academic staff with an improved experience. With over 150,000 benefits and discounts in 125+ countries, the ISIC card provide access to the largest student & youth oriented benefit network globally. 

When working with academic partners ISIC is able to provide a complete tailor-made solution to fit the requirements of your institution and students. From creation of a co-branded virtual or plastic card to implementation and usage of smartcard technology on campus utilizing a centralized multichannel platform providing maximum security and usage of the services within the campus environment.

Since 1953, the ISIC Association has provided high-quality services to students and academic partners globally.

Over 1400 universities have adopted the ISIC as their official ID.

When working with ISIC, your university/school ID becomes internationally recognized.

Have the option of plastic or virtual ID’s to suite your needs.

More than 1400 universities issue the ISIC as their official ID

Virtual ID Solution

The Virtual ISIC ID serves as an efficient and cost effective digital solution available on any smart phone. Thanks to this, the Virtual ID reduces cost and resource required to issue and distribute student ID’s. The Virtual ISIC ID allows complete overview and control over issued student cards.

Example Academic Co-Brand Cards

cobrand card samples